Gateway Creative is a full-service design and marketing communications agency. Our philosophy is simple: to make every point of customer contact a well-designed bridge of influence – a collective work of art.


At Gateway Creative, our passionate pursuit is to empower and equip businesses, churches and non-profits to externalize their God-breathed mission through vision-driven imagery and graphics. Our commitment is to make every marketing concept a powerful complement to an established vision — not a substitution. We build creative solutions designed to work in tandem with your message and mission.

We are builders. We build bridges of communication to powerfully and effectively transfer your message.

We are visionaries. We help you refine the ‘big thing’ that drives the ‘little things’.

We are problem solvers. We love the challenge of creating from vapor. Got nothing? What a great opportunity.


Every marketing, design and advertising concept is a bridge of communication between you and your clients. Our philosophy is to make every marketing element a powerful part of the collective work of art of your bridge:

…a harmony of function, with each piece of your campaign working together to reinforce your goals.

…a combination of structure and flexibility, building adaptable elements on a solid foundation of your core message.

…an economy of function and material, using just the right methods to reach your audience in a powerful way.

…spanning the void and delivering your message to your audience across a bridge of powerful influence.

What else are we passionate about?

Living on purpose. Giving, not getting. Encouraging the best in others. Refusing offense. Expressing the beauty of God’s grace. Laughing as daily practice. Sharing coffee on all occasions.